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Dr. Jen Santa Maria is Overland Park’s leading pediatric and family health expert. We have a beautiful, first class office that is kid and family-friendly.  We specialize in pregnancy, pediatrics and family wellness with an emphasis on Neuro-Developmental Disorders.  If you want to transform your family's expression of health, then Premier Family Chiropractic is for you!

Her studies at Kansas State University in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology gives her extreme knowledge of how the body work and how the body should function.This further fueled her passion for chiropractic because she knew proper function and motion is the only way to reconnect patients with their own innate ability to express true health. She obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College. Dr. Jen provides extensive knowledge to growing field where she specializes in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic.