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Expecting Moms

prenatal chiropractic care

Chiropractic Services for Expecting Moms

When it comes to pregnancy, chiropractic care is vital! Just ask any mommy-to-be; they will tell you pregnancy can be a real pain! Whether you are expecting or trying to conceive, Dr. Jen, Dr. Megan, and Dr. Ashton know that any stress to your nervous system during this time is never okay. Having a neuro-spinal system that is free of interference creates an environment where a healthy pregnancy can thrive.

Premier Family Chiropractic helps support you through all the changes your body will make as you are creating life. When your pelvis is in balance and your nervous system is functioning properly, this allows you and your baby to be in the best position for growth and development.

prenatal chiropractor near me

Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely! In fact, the American Pregnancy Association supports and encourages expecting mothers to find a chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care. A study by the American Medical Association found that women who received regular chiropractic care during the third trimester carried and delivered with more comfort!

Dr. Jen, Dr. Megan, and Dr. Ashton all have extensive knowledge in the prenatal field and can connect you with the right prenatal and postnatal providers in the Kansas City area. Premier Family Chiropractic would be honored to be a part of your birth team!

With consistent chiropractic care our moms experience:

  • Shorter labor times.
  • A comfortable pregnancy that she can enjoy.
  • Improved energy levels.
  • Fewer birth interventions.
  • A happy healthy baby.
  • Optimal pelvic.
  • Baby positioning.

Additionally, our office has a unique and specific approach to your prenatal care that shows you objectively how you are doing. We measure your stress along the way to make sure you aren’t in fight/flight. When your body is in a higher stress state you have more cortisol in your system and that is also exposed to the baby. By having a system to be able to measure this in the office, we are able to help make any recommendations and changes to help ensure lower levels of cortisol in your system and babies. 

pregnancy safe chiropractor near me

Chiropractic Appointment for Moms

Post-pregnancy care is extremely vital as the mother is taking care of her newborn. Her body will start to shift and change as she regulates hormones and starts to return to her pre-pregnancy state. At Premier Family Chiropractic we make sure mama is where she needs to be and functioning properly as this process happens.


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